We dedicate on reducing boat roll and improving safety and comfort of passengers by providing professional anti-rolling solutions supported by Jiwu Tech gyro stabilizer.
Our products and services have been widely used in various vessels, including sightseeing yachts,
official yachts, pilot boats, coast guard vessels, etc.


Our strong R&D team guarantees consistent advancement and stability of our products. The core R&D members have been working on gyro stabilizer research for decades, contributing to various related patents and intellectual properties.


We provide targeted solutions according to the parameters of your vessels and thus ensure Jiwu products to work best in your vessels.


With the aid of our exact algorithm, the powerful gyroscopic torque activated by Jiwu Tech gyro stabilizer could help to reduce up to 85% of boat roll.


When the boat rolls, the gyro tilts fore and aft, producing a powerful gyroscopic torque to port and starboard that eliminated the boat roll.


As one of the most effective anti-rolling devices, the most significant advantages of gyro stabilizers are its validity under any speed and it's effectiveness of reducing up to 95% of boat-roll. Hence, Jiwu Tech gyro stabilizers are ideal for any vessels, especially those moving-slow and berthing-frequent ones, such as sight-seeing yachts, working boats and research vessels, etc.


Our products have been widely used in yachts, fishing boats, offshore wind power industry, rescue boats, pilot launch, USV, etc. Targeting large vessels, our bigger products are in development as well. We aim to provide a strong guarantee to sailing safety of various vessels now and ever.